Across the country, Summer plans and activities are moving into high gear.  But, Summer risks are also upon us.  It’s good to see the positive report on San Diego County’s fire response and management of the fires last month.  Preparedness drills and training from Virginia to Washington will help mitigate this years’ risks. It is our shared responsibility to ensure that our families, our schools, our houses of worship, our communities are prepared for a Fire emergency.

Report on fire response next step for county
Jacob, who is this year’s San Diego County Board of Supervisors chair, made remarks about the fire, the county’s preparedness and response, and the …
Life-Like Drills Create Real Life Preparedness for Firefighters
“Having the ability to use ten different buildings doesn’t happen everyday,” said Lieutenant Kelly Whitacre of Frederick County ‘s Fire and Rescue.
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The first of three emergency preparedness demonstrations was presented at the Seattle Fire Department’s Joint Training Facility, 9401 Myers Way S.