Because There is More Risk Than Ever

Today’s students are active, highly mobile and constantly connected. And they are facing more risks, with greater ramifications, than any previous generation. Whether it is an active shooter scenario, or schoolyard bullying, flood, fire, or the aftermath of an earthquake or a hurricane, we all need to be more knowledgeable, and better prepared in order for our community to be more resilient. To protect the Health & Safety of school children, ALL applicable hazards must be addressed.

Safety 4 Students fully understands the preparedness needs, as well as the Federal, State and local First Responder guidelines, and has developed an advanced interactive learning platform to teach students how to understand risks. We teach about risk in three broad categories: naturally occurring hazards (like fires, floods and storms), technological hazards (like hazmat spills, nuclear incidents and power failures) and human-caused hazards (like inappropriate behavior, bullying, violence, terrorism, and shooting.)

Hazard Risk Factors For Children

Our children must navigate through the maze of every day life; recognizing and avoiding a growing number of potential hazards.

Consider the Following:

  • Every school day, in the USA, there are 55 million children attending K-12 schools.
  • The vast majority of these children are ill-prepared to handle any emergency situation.
  • Aside from “Stop, Drop and Roll” or “Drop, Cover and Hold” students receive little relevant training to prepare for unexpected events.
  • Most children have grown up in a “911” society, and are accustomed to relying on others for their safety and security.
  • Most children are not prepared to identify, inform and manage personal risks.
  • Preparedness varies widely by geographic and social demographics.
  • S4S is developing a standardized and effective educational program, that will be free to all schools.
  • This will help ensure the safety of our children and the optimal allocation of Public Safety educational funds.

Why? – Safety For Our Children

Happy Teens
Happy Tweens
Connected Kids

Protect the health & safety of children, ALL hazards must be addressed.

We know that knowledge trumps fear and panic, and enables our children to take life-saving action.