At Safety 4 Students, Our Goal is to Save Lives by Providing Risk Awareness & Emergency Preparedness Education

Whether it be violence, cyber crime, terrorism, mass shooting, floods, fires, or earthquakes and hurricanes, emergencies wreak havoc on our society with significant losses affecting everyone. With our younger generation at its core, there is a growing need for preparedness and safety education. At Safety 4 Students, we recognize and understand the needs to better prepare our communities and schools.


Safety 4 Students will provide knowledge-based risk awareness to better prepare our future leaders for the hazards they may encounter. We are developing compelling and sustainable educational programs. With your help, we will deliver this essential education to students everywhere. And THAT, is life saving education at its best.

What did Columbine, Virginia Tech and Newtown have in common with Northridge, Katrina and Sandy?
Panic, chaos, suffering and the loss of innocent life!

Most importantly … people knew something was going to happen, but failed to recognize, or ignored, the warning signs. Most did not know what to do to protect themselves, their families and their communities.

At Safety 4 Students, we know that knowledge trumps fear and panic, and enables our children to take life-saving action in many situations.

Safety 4 Students’ Deliverables

With your financial support, Safety 4 Students will develop and deliver, free to the user:

    • An advanced interactive learning program

On-line evaluation and testing.
Summary database of test results.

    • Educational content and teaching materials

Stand-alone and web-based elements.
Scenario-based video modules.

    • Integration of relevant information

Utilization of Public Safety guidelines.

    • Reports measuring knowledge and learning progress

Student and school recognition.
Certification for completion.

Students’ Safety Begins at Home

U.S. students spend a little over a quarter of their time on education, and more than a third of their time at home.


Improving the safety of students everywhere includes considering their safety at home. To support this objective, we offer a unique Home Safety online application free of charge. The Self Assessment for Family Emergency (SAFE) application is designed to be taken by the head-of-household, together with family members and the student, to help determine the preparedness of the entire family to deal with possible threats ranging from naturally occurring (for example an earthquake, a storm or a wildfire), technological (like HAZMAT) and human-caused hazards (such as crime and terrorism).

To access SAFE, click on the Home Safety navigation tab at the top of this page.

Advanced Interactive Learning Platform

Safety 4 Students has developed a learning program designed to captivate and engage students, while being highly efficient for schools. Safety 4 Students aims to make the curriculum, teaching material, feedback tools, and on-line access available to schools at no charge. The program incorporates:

    • Students taking evaluation tests on-line

Students will receive immediate feedback, scoring their knowledge. Their scores will measure existing knowledge, knowledge gaps, and progress resulting from completing the program.

    • Real-time feedback with integrated response

The program is built around interactivity and response feedback, either in the classroom setting or on-line.

    • Home-based research

The Homework Portal will encourage and reward parental / guardian participation and input, benefiting the entire family.

    • Utilization of Public Safety guidelines

The homework will include the student conducting some simple research and integrating relevant information from public safety sites (such as, or the National Fire Authority, or the FBI).

    • Recognition and certification

Student, class, school, and district performance will be captured, by topic, and reports generated, with best performance both recognized and certified.

    • Preparedness and measurable progress

Summaries of knowledge and gaps will be utilized to update and improve the curriculum. The benefits of the program will become clearly visible.


Beginning in 2009, the founders of Safety 4 Students have been developing and refining Safety & Security educational solutions for communities.

  • After many thousands of hours and even more dollars, Safety 4 Students is so close to launching, we can taste it.
  • But, after all this time, we are six months and $500k short from having the product available for the intended Fall 2015 launch.
  • With the funds you help raise, we will be capable of paying for the final software and content development; not to mention, keep the lights on.
  • So, tell your friends, families, communities, and everyone who has ever been a student, that safety4students is almost ready to help save lives, and now is the chance to make a difference.
  • Everyone who helps make this dream a reality, will be permanently recognized on our website.



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